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Don and Kathi started Scandinavian dance in the early 1970s.  They have long experience in learning, teaching, performing and competing in Scandinavian dance both here and in the Nordic countries.  They placed third among foreign couples in the Hälsinge Hambo competition held in Sweden every summer, a competition that attracts 900-1500 couples for a day long competition.  That same year, they placed third in their category at the Norwegian Jørn Hilme stemnet, performing a springar from Valdres, Norway.


Don and Kathi have both earned their ‘Big Silver’ medal in Swedish polska.  This was the culmination of a series of tests in Sweden over a five-year period, in which dancers prove their knowledge of Swedish folk dance for a panel of judges drawn from the group of people who originally researched these dances in Sweden.


The duo teaches both Swedish and Norwegian dance regularly for the Skandia Folkdance Society and have taught workshops in Vancouver BC, Salt Lake City UT, Portland OR, and London, England.  They are regular participants in dance workshops and events, including the annual Scandinavian participatory dance at the Northwest Folklife Festival, one of the nation’s largest folk festivals.  They have taught classes with participants numbering from two to two hundred and have a reputation for running an entertaining and instructive class.


Music: In the course of all that dancing, there was plenty of opportunity to relax with Scandinavian friends and learn an important part of the culture:  Drinking Songs or Snapsvisor!  They love share these tunes with new friends and have facilitated many sessions at festivals, local pubs, and parties.


If your group is interested in Kathi and Don teaching a dance workshop in your city, contact them via the information listed below.


Don Meyers and Kathi Ploeger

Seattle, WA

Phone: 206.619.4510 | 206.499.7717

email: kpdm (at)



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