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Oregon Midsummer Festival 
Fogelbo & Nordia House
June 12, 2021
Two Time Sessions: 11 am - 2 pm & 3 pm - 6 pm

We had the most fun celebrating the joy of summer at Fogelbo & Nordia House this year! For anyone who didn't attend the Festival itself on Saturday, you can still "participate" via our Oregon Midsummer blog post, which features fun recipes and a link to the live stream of the raising of the maistang! You can also check out our IGTV tour of the festival grounds We hope these help give you a taste of what our Midsummer Festival experience was like this year.


Please note that all ticket sales are final

Our Midsummer Festival was a little different than usual this year. It was smaller and more intimate, located on our own grounds here at Nordia House and Fogelbo rather than at Oaks Park, but it still included many iconic festival features that our community knows and loves! Read about various festival aspects in the different sections below.

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