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Savor Delectable Nordic Fare & Beverages


Satisfy your cravings with delectable Nordic cuisine and refreshing beverages from our beer & wine garden. 

Tempt your taste buds with offerings from Broder Söder, grilled cheese from Easy to Please, Swedish pancakes from Harmoni Lodge (Saturday), and Karelian Dogs from Finlandia's "Helsinki Cafe"! 


Explore sweets from Carina's Bakery, Jamie’s Kafferep (Saturday), Portland Nordic Chorus, Nico's Ice Cream, and Hygge Chocolates.

Experience Nordic beer on tap from Ridgewalker Brewing, aquavit from The Aimsir Distilling Co., spirits from Rolling River and Stillweather Spirits, savor exquisite mead from Oran Mor Artisan Mead, coffee from Elevated Grounds, and relish drinks served by Nordic Northwest and Broder Söder.

Interested in joining as a vendor? Apply today!

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